Carbon fiber bicycle the whole car weigh

Carbon fiber is a high-tech materials, the use of such materials bicycle 10 years of history, such as Germany's K frames of 16K on the use of advanced carbon fiber. Recent bicycle brand velonia introduced a carbon fiber car, modeling low-key luxury connotation, the whole car weighs only 4kg.

Carbon fiber is not a simple carbon, but carbon after weaving process using a mixture of epoxy resin adhesive and reinforcement. It is light weight, good shock absorption performance, you can create a variety of shapes frame and so on.

The car will be popular Viks style with customized Slovenia carbon fiber frame, so that the entire vehicle weight reduction to the greatest extent, weighing only 4kg, 7kg far less than standard stainless steel bicycle.
The car price not yet announced, but taking into account the high cost of carbon fiber, this car certainly expensive.

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