Kind of sport bike

Many types of exercise bikes, sports bikes in the past only racing bike (road bike), and later the birth of mountain biking, and thus derive more kinds of bikes.
And cars, and therefore different bikes have different performance. Now I introduced one by one. I is limited, it is impossible to say so full, inadequacies also please correct me master. Materials are the following exercise bike, road bike or mountain bike, whether these materials are manufactured bicycles materials are steel, aluminum, carbon fiber titanium alloy, alloy scandium

Steel: The most traditional materials, high reliability and durability, heavier weight, excellent workability can be repeatedly repaired, corrosion resistance - high carbon steel, alloy steel

Aluminum: With the improvement of welding technology, which is increasingly common material, light weight, good processability, easy deformation, difficult to repair - hard aluminum (7000 series, 6000 series, etc.

Titanium: Material expensive, lighter and hard, not easily deformed, riding feel with basic steel frame, is more difficult workability

Carbon fiber: the most popular material, expensive, very light weight, hardness can be designed to be free to design the shape, not repairable
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