Carbon fiber road bike

Basic features: the pursuit of speed research and development of vehicles, tires and have a relatively slender body, frame the more mainstream material is aluminum magnesium alloy titanium alloy steel and carbon fiber .........
Mountain bike wheel size ratio is the 700C. We often say that the mountain bike is 26. Very light weight road vehicles, especially high-end cars and more can be done no more than 7 kg.
Standard road bike handlebar was bent forward and down,
Handlebar tape wrapped around the top, some high-end transmission and brake handlebar ends in one set, called hand-varying systems. Low-end gear provided at the frame,
Use 52 or more teeth tooth disk drives do, most biaxial caliper brakes. With clipless pedals, frame a positive parallelogram structure,
Because only run around on the road so no shock absorption. In the current trend of personalization, driven by the manufacturers try to make the frame and parts beyond our regular imagine,
So many cars do not look like a conventional road car, but the basic shape of these features or not running

Road bikes for riding on the road bike designed with fast long-distance riding comfort features, main features are: tires thin, curved handle. For road racing car, we usually used to call it "the car." Road vehicles not only for road games, has gradually been focused on the use of aerobic exercise on. 1839 British design with a metal bike pedals, the real bike so far appear. With the development of bicycle into people's homes, gradually some of your favorite sports person game, the game can be transformed into the car, into the handlebar bend to reduce wind resistance, fenders are removed, excess bicycle accessories Do not, one of the most compact bike, this is the most primitive road bike, people use it to picnic game. To be able to make a road bike up the hill, people began to use can change the ratio of road bike.

In 1869 Britain and France was held from Paris to Lyon 120 km bike race, it is the oldest cycling race. In this competition, the British victory Seoul morning, a speed of 12.4 kilometers.

Road bike riding name suggests is carried out on the road, so the requirements of the road as flat as possible. Vehicle weight-based, narrow tires to reduce drag. To reduce drag, the curved road vehicle configuration, so drivers pose less riding faster! Ordinary amateur or professional drivers are involved in a wide range of sport with centuries of history.

In the European road cycling is the core of sports, with more than 100-year history, the popularity of road races and even comparable with the football. For cycling enthusiasts started speaking generally riding 50 kilometers away, riding at speeds of 20 to 30 km / h could be achieved after training ride 200 kilometers away, riding speed can be increased to 40 to 45 km / h.
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