Rim offset (offset value)

Rim offset (offset value)
It is screwed from the rim surface and geometric center line (center line of the rim cross-section) between said
Offest value
Offest value (3)
  These intermediate rim is too simple screw mounts with the entire difference between the center of the rim, the rim is, after facelift is indented or protruding outward. RV in general terms is positive, a small number of vehicles and jeeps in terms of some negative. For example, a car's offset value is 40, if put on aluminum wheels 45, it will be more than the original wheels retracted into the wheel arches. This data and vehicle steering characteristics, wheel alignment angles have a relationship, the gap is too large offset value may lead to abnormal tire wear, bearing wear, and even high-speed tire control and other issues, not accidentally.
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