Carbon fiber (CERP) Details

School called carbon fiber "polyacrylonitrile-based carbon fiber" by the carbon fibers associated with the matrix resin (such as epoxy) made of composite material prepared by a number of its physical properties, such as strength: specific strength comparable to metal ratio of elastic modulus, etc. , but the proportion is much lighter than metal. Carbon fiber frame is characterized by a "light, bend, good shock absorption," however, give full play to the excellent performance of carbon fiber, technically does not look so easy, quality carbon fiber material differences between the manufacturers as well. Bicycle manufacturers consider the cost issue, unlikely to be used to produce high-grade carbon fiber frame. Despite these practical problems, but has the advantage of carbon fiber frame, or other materials that are not possible to produce a lightweight bicycle 8,9kg about this lightweight carbon fiber bike, climbing the hill when most can manifest its advantages, successfully climbing the hill and refreshing. And not as some light aluminum frame, while climbing the hill felt a pull back force.
Carbon fiber is the stuff of carbon fiber molding resin solidification. Very light, but it is a directional material (tensile strength but easy to break) has, therefore the use of thin layers of overlapping ways to address the shortcomings.
Typically each bundle containing 3000 carbon fiber called 3K weave CFRP, calculated in accordance with the knitting density per square centimeter can be divided into: 5 beam, 6-beam, the beam 7, 8 beam, with its layer thickness is about 0.25 between --0.29mm, the greater the density, the thicker the thickness. Each bundle containing one thousand in 1000 called 1K, its weave density will greatly exceed 3K carbon fiber, but its thickness is only about 0.15-0.2mm. Due to process complexity 1K CFRP price is almost three times 3K carbon fiber sheet, the reason may be cost-effective, most manufacturers have adopted 3K carbon fiber sheet to production.

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