Carbon fiber mountain bike describes the

Carbon fiber mountain bike describes the various components

Before looking at these two types of mountain bike, mountain bike composition must first conduct some individual parts to explain:

1. Frame ---- much to say, everything, but simply look at the names of the main part of the modern mountain bike frame, as shown below (this is the XC frame, rear shock-free device), five in common installation axis, tail hook for mounting after transmission:

2. The fixed front wheel fork ---- Flanagan fork, should also understand ... the modern sport bike fork tube diameter is generally 28.6MM, heavy-duty trucks and fork head tube Cannondale brand will be thicker.

3. Group ---- bowl mounted on frame and fork junction parts, round, there are ball bearings or closed, is responsible for the rotation of the front work.

Used in lightweight mountain bike Kong and generally divided into two groups: 34MM 44MM external box included, according to the kind of frame head pipe set.

4. The horizontal ---- handlebar, general disposition of the thickest 25.4MM 31.8MM diameter and required to support the stand of the same caliber, the smallest of the cross are 22.2MM.

5. The cross-connect stem ---- Flanagan metal pipe, the cross is fixed thereon.

6. The cover does not explain ----

7. When the brakes squeeze the brakes ---- what?

8. ---- with brakes on mountain bike V brake and disc brakes are generally divided into two types of disc is divided into mechanical disc (line pull) and hydraulic disc brakes (activated by the fluid pressure within the control piston push tubing brake sheet brakes), V brake brake role of the object is the rim edge, and the role of the object disc

It is the disc.

9. The wheel is divided into groups ---- rim, spokes and hubs three parts, that is, we often say that the hub of the front / rear axle, responsible for the rotation of the wheels, hubs emphasize this:

Light mountain bike front hub length is generally 110MM, after 135MM, front axle core diameter 9MM, rear axle core diameter 10MM, rear hub front hub more than Taki means for mounting the flywheel, and commonly called hubs "ring number "is the revolution of the free hub Taki, hear

Number of crisp sound, the sound bigger, the smaller the bit virtual stampede for riding strong force action, such as climbing, climbing, or off-road vehicle use, but on a larger hub rolling resistance, and the more the number of ring Usually a small hub is rotated with less resistance, suitable mainly downhill and flat road riding

. I think the number of hubs in the ring, in both the variety of road (does not include more extreme off-road) the case of riding, 24-36 loud hub for the best, taking into account the low-bit virtual space with high rotational speed, which is Why few senior players with 72 loud Chris King hubs

The reason for the ride to the ground, this is not just only that its price.

10. Five-axis ---- installed in the interior, crank and connecting dental plate, has a direct relationship with the stampede, divided into square hole axis, spline GXP bottom bracket and integrated axis, select the specific needs and crank the central axis of the hole to match, easy to understand, it is no longer in image interpretation. Now

Most parts manufacturers main push light GXP integrated axis ---- weight, high strength, but the square hole and the spline axis in use is actually very good. General use light mountain bike 68MM (remove outside axial core length of thicker portion) - British thread size, while heavy vehicles is longer. And we

In the axis 10X-12XMM seen such numbers, it is the total axial length of an axis of the core, the following picture from left to right square hole axis, respectively, and splined bottom bracket GXP integrated bottom bracket.

From left to right are square hole axis, spline GXP bottom bracket and integrated bottom bracket.

11. Crank ---- that connect two foot stick.

12. chainring crankset ---- located in the middle of the bike.

13. The chain ---- no explanation, but the number of pieces to be supporting the flywheel (now generally divided into seven sections chains, chain sections 8, 9 chain segment, 10 segment chain). 14. ---- flywheel gear set located in the back of a bicycle, for variable speed sport bike cassette flywheel mostly mounted on top of the tower base.

15. Foot ---- divided into two kinds of open and self-locking, self-locking with combination locks for shoes, not recommended for beginners, there is a certain risk, but will make pedaling efficiency improved significantly.

---- 16. The transmission system is divided into the dip, the front derailleur (front derailleur) and a rear derailleur (rear derailleur)

17. The brake / shift line ---- divided into internal and line pipe, if the hydraulic brakes, no inside, but the outside pipe called tubing

Within 18. / tire ---- not explain, but the tube is generally divided into American and French mouth mouth, according to the gas nozzle hole rims may be, but can be modified to each other, it is recommended to use an American mountain bike mouth, easy to cheer.

19. ---- blanket lining between the inner tube and rim, rim holes to prevent excessive air pressure caused by compression of the tube puncture.

20. The seat ---- not explain.

---- 21. The seat post and frame below the seat connection Flanagan pipe, generally divided into the modern mountain bike 27.2MM, 30.8MM, 31.8MM 34.9MM diameter and, depending on the frame may be, some of the old section of steel Mountain biking is more and use 25.4MM 28.6MM diameter.

22. seatpost clamp ---- mounted to the frame for the anchor tube, seat tube clip some frame and the seat as a whole.

23. Bottle Cage ---- selective installation.

Above is the basic configuration of the modern mountain bike.
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