Categories of mountain bike

Categories of mountain bike

MTB culture development in the United States, when people can not meet only ride a bike on the road, put the bicycle wheel diameter narrowing (MTB wheel diameter of 26 inches, 559MM, road car to 700C, 622MM, and now 29er, which is 700C wheel diameter compared with its mountain bike

Strong off-road is also slowly began to rise out), gear ratio becomes smaller, five-rises (for better passing ability) and install air suspension for off-road riding, and evolved out of the plurality of branches .

Here to say XC, this type of bike most widely adaptable, from road riding, climbing, to the general suburban light off-road almost can be competent, but also the fans out of the preferred type of mountain bike loading areas, its appearance is that we see the most conventional mountain bike ----

Have a suspension fork (fork can also be equipped with a hard, will be mentioned later), and the frame section no shock device, which means that there is no rear suspension, this car is also called hard tail mountain.

Assembly hard tail mountain bike lovers may not have to go off-road, after replacing the corresponding tires, hard tail mountain bike riding city is also a good choice. Many beginners are hard tail mountain bike from the start, and has been their best choice as models for the.
Since the adaptation of the road hard tail mountain bike it can be said to be the best in all bikes, hard tail mountain bike parts choice, but also this article focus
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