Should pay attention to what the problem

Before assembling a bicycle, the first consideration must be the vehicle of the budget, I think, if you want to be able to own DIY a long time without being upgraded XC car, the budget should be prepared at least 4,000 yuan (do not buy a new second-hand member), or otherwise to purchase the vehicle as well (when

However, again low to be fitted out, for example, if they do not, then with a hard cross-country forks will save a lot of money). Because DIY bike will not buy parts Hu chaos to match, before the purchase of spare parts, we must consider several factors as follows:

1, the budget is sufficient to complete each vehicle an elaborate good parts (note orchestrated good parts, not the final budget is not enough to make do or do not like to mix and match some of their far-grade and vehicle parts, which would only drag your use of the vehicle and let you feel

After spending more)

2, each part of the vehicle with a reasonable, whether the budget can follow the most reasonable price allocation (such as different brands and grades of variable speed transmission kit unreasonable mix, or budget of 4,000 yuan, spent 3,000 to buy the frame 1000 buy anything else, this mix will

Makes the vehicle become a failure of the works)

3, color matching is reasonable. Since each person's aesthetic, and I do not have too convincing, in short, since it is a DIY, it would have to complete one they think most satisfactory color work.
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