Carbon fiber bicycle frame Selection Gui

Carbon fiber bicycle frame Selection Guide

Bicycle parts must be the core of the frame, a good frame can provide a reasonable and rational perspective of riding riding feel, and select the frame, also in the loading process to the next part of most martial arts . When we see a vehicle in the car shop, often the first

The reaction is: this is a Giant, this is lightning, which is a TREK. Actually, a bicycle brand, it often exists only in the frame, while the other parts, almost all of the various other components of a corresponding specialty manufacturers for production. Therefore, the frame is

The real soul of the whole car.

Before selecting the frame, you must first determine their height. In terms of hard tail mountain bike, 165CM the following people should choose 14-15 inch frame, people should choose 165CM-175CM 16-17 inch frame, 175CM-185CM people should choose between 18-19 inches frame, and 185

Or more people, you should select 20-21 inches or larger frame. Like a kind of dress shoes, bicycles also need to fit their own size to make your ride even more handy.

Now, the basic frame of the bicycle manufactured from steel, aluminum, carbon fiber and titanium four materials
Wherein the elastic good steel, the material of the strong anti-fatigue, a sense of the full line, is the oldest bicycle manufacturing materials, but because of the aluminum alloy and carbon fiber materials for its light weight since the advent in the 1990s, steel shelf share in the market less and less, the main

To be among the high-end products and BMX, markets and other action car field, but it does not mean that steel is behind, that is the beauty of the low-end, steel and its cozy pavement sensors, attracting a considerable number of those who surrounded.

Aluminum alloy, the material commonly used in low-end cars, a lightweight metal material, pavement sensors did not come directly steel, metal fatigue degree nor as strong as steel and titanium, but its workability and short-term performance is really good inside, is the bicycle love

Who generally choose a good frame, this article mainly aluminum frame is selected to match the vehicle.

Carbon fiber, very light, can be made into any shape you want, but as fragile strength is not the traditional concept, and it has a very good toughness and shock-absorbing capacity, but the force of impact and scissors direct contact but vulnerable, expensive, mainly for competition.

Titanium high cost, metal fatigue resistance on aluminum and steel, but soft, easy to force, and for long-distance riding, a relatively niche product.

Although the frame is the subject of the whole vehicle, but its price and distribution as well as the grade of the degree of adaptation to other parts, should be a reasonable choice, the proportion of the price of the frame should not exceed 1/3 of the vehicle, and to correspond to other parts of their same grade.

If you choose a high-end aluminum hard tail frame in one step, then Specialized (lightning), Trek, Yeti and so many big-name high-end carbon frame or aluminum frame can be selected based on personal preferences, then, your vehicle, it is usually above a million or even higher,

These low-end models are too big, I do not recommend choice because cost is really not high, and some smaller brands, especially carbon fiber chassis frame I recommend also very simple reason, perhaps unreasonable design possible without strong professional testing, quality is not

It must be guaranteed, and there is no "blood."

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