The accidental success! Decryption electric bicycle business giant way of fortune!the Chain Reaction Cycle (CRC)

In electric bicycle firm in the industry, the Chain Reaction Cycle (CRC) is a heavyweight, no one else can like them, have great influence in the global market, even big unite to resist the CRC to traditional stores, because the network has been close to the entity shop sales way the price of the bottom line. For some, the CRC is a one-stop shop, no matter you in the world, where no matter what you are looking for, can solve. But for others, it is the modern business model error. But the story behind the CRC, may not be what you imagine.

Thirty-two years ago in the suburbs of Belfast, Northern Ireland, founded this small bike shop, the appearance of the original is very simple. At that time, they do not plan to change the habits of consumers to buy the bicycle or parts, they just would like to open a can survive car shop. And they have the key to stand out is to adapt to and growth. In didn't have the Internet age, people to integrate with the world network, can feel the feeling is very strange, how much uncertainty. At first you don't feel the network will change our lives, affect our relationships and the way of shopping. CRC is one of the first to try online shopping one of the companies, it may be that they are in perfect time set foot on the road - perhaps like amazon's creation time. They are 20 years continuously improve and change business model, but also because they always grasp the opportunity, and willing to take risks, to try new methods to do business, so now become the industry leader.

CRC is headquartered in pali Clare, together to explore their service the story behind the global market.

Bring about they started with a simple, really is very simple, here is the place where CRC had founded a bicycle store

Bike sales network is the premise of consumer must know what they buy, need to have a certain degree of knowledge of car parts, perhaps this is the place where mountain bike is different from other sports, is also the problem of network marketing. Of course, not all people know what they need, or purchased parts match or not. To the problem of the CRC is a group of technical personnel of online consulting, those who often go to the car shop you will recognize them. Order staff usually cycling enthusiasts, and for CRC vast amounts of product with such as encyclopedic knowledge. Like all professional salesperson in the store, they will help customers find the goods, after tidy up to the customer.

Bring for CRC for the global market, so in the phone of the head of the staff must have a multilingual conversion ability, to help those non-native English speakers to customers. In CRC has a team with a variety of language ability, to provide customer services required.

Bring about once place the order, the next step is processing orders, for a small group of people that this is a huge and difficult task. On Monday morning, they have to deal with from last weekend accumulated more than 16000 orders.

Can bring about not automation program, this order need experience to judge what is false. If they are not sure, they have method to investigate the buyer, and then make a final decision.

But the order confirmation, a message will turn to one of three warehouse, the warehouse is not static, they are living organisms, to continuously adapt and change to meet the needs of the business. In information industry, people will use the principle of "cache" process data, the basic principle of this system is the organization of data in the pyramid structure, the small amounts are often extracted data stored in the top pyramid, higher chance to extract the small amount of it on the bottom. So you're often extracted data, you don't have to dig to the underlying database. CRC warehouse store product is probably using this principle, will be put into the pyramid selling products above, can be extracted easily, but like these from the 90 s left in the inventory, and then down into dug. The storage system is often updated to adapt to change, each item will be in accordance with the prices, sales information, the current market price, whether for new product and the market trend to do physical location.

The use of this kind of system structure in the workshop, making each item is no longer in accordance with the traditional type to store, but according to the sales situation to store. Such as customers are now keen to 11 speed of variable speed instead of 9 speed, variable speed in 11 speed would be placed in easy to get the position, the logic of the application cache make the shipment more efficiently. Each product will have a place in the system and the computer will record the coordinates of each staff take orders into the warehouse, will use the computer to calculate the most efficient path.

Will bring about the intelligence of head-mounted device guides them to quickly find the goal, strive to finish products in the shortest time

Bring about each order has a separate box, through the conveyor belt from the warehouse to the packaging area

Bring about when the products are sent from the warehouse, on the other side of the packaging area can have a box over there

Bring about order processing will once again check the packaging area, confirms the accuracy of product will be to your buyers. This is a tedious work, but the workers with incredible speed smooth processing.

Bring about packaging chance to scan each box, then put the box to the smallest height, to save shipping volume

Do not bring any installed into a standard size box goods, will be separate manual packaging

Bring each box label is ready to hit the road transport

Bring about to send the products to all over the world is a big challenge, each box is artificial classification, and then choose the appropriate way to destination

Bring about such a big crate, CRC, on average, out of the six every day

CRC is another warehouse in miles, to hold large items, such as a car, or even frame, front fork, wheel. Because stored product volume is big, so there is greater than headquarters warehouse a lot. Not as fast as headquarters here working rhythm, because big goods more expensive, don't like small parts sell quickly, so there is no orders continuously.

To send from here, before sending, they need to assembled the car first. In the UK, do the work of the staff need to hold the PDI proof that this is the provisions of the state of a list of security, the purpose is to ensure that the assembled vehicle can let buyers for safe use. The inspection had been executed by a technician Cyctech certification. Join the CRC team responsible for assembling vehicles trained staff can learn and get the certification. Now the team is adjusted, all team members will be certified by the first level in the future, PDI technicians need to much higher levels of secondary authentication.

Bring the PDI list for often get myself car veteran looks simple, but for many people, even don't know where to start

CRC to provide a service for many years to let them apart from other electric business platform, and reflect them from the bike shop started as a background, it is the DIY custom wheel. You can choose your own wheel box, flower drum, spokes, and then manually compile. The compilation of the wheel are in place, professional technicians to adjust the tension of the spokes correction.

Bring about the final product will be placed into the truck in the container, CRC headquarters in a day on average about 800 orders to be processed

Have such complete warehouse and product management system, and there are a large number of professionals in accordance with the standardization process in an orderly way of processing orders, Chain Reaction Cycle growth for electric bicycle business giants just follow.

Reference: pinkbike author: MATT WRAGG

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