Fulcrum Speed 40 t out of the big picture and static profile

Said it was the first set, because get the pair of wheel has been nearly a month of time, but has been on business travel on business, good pictures long ago but have not been able to make time for loading test. Finally had time, write a out of the article.

Episode: wheels is from manufacturers directly from Italy, but the New Deal coincided with the customs. So everyone knows. 2547.61 euro. After the 12% tariff plus 17% VAT, thought to extreme poverty, manufacturers said they had to pay taxes. (of course, I'm not looking for a manufacturer to buy, but they provide test, so... if you are overseas online shopping, must think twice)

Customs clearance in a week, back and forth after returned to Beijing from Shanghai office, found that it sits on the edge of the table. It is on April 19.

Two red wheel bag with a material package, no different. On the material package sticker is "Racing Speed", their attachment is exactly the same.

Speed will provide copies of 40 t wheel - merida team for this year's tour DE France race. After the bag is opened in your hands feeling is light! True light! In the case of not including rod, the measured wheel 519 g, the rear wheels 674 g (SH/S specifications, Kentucky, later changed the rules, the weight not by much). Compared with the official nominal 1213 g also light weight... I steal to smile.

Will figure
The front wheel

The rear wheel

The author after finishing its "fruit" is to set it on the tube. 25 mm tube tire with the circle just well.

Assembly tube tire

After 25 mmgatorskin tube assembly continental tire will figure


Speed of 40 t adopted pure carbon material circle, and covers on the surface of 3 k carbon grain of carbon cloth, whole looks very delicate, unless carefully looking for, or almost impossible to find carbon cloth interface. Brake side after 3 d processing, surface layer of epoxy resin and paint, no frosted shaped, of course need special brake and carbon circle, with the Campagnolo red carbon materials in the package with the wheel brake. Circle 40 mm height, width is 24.5 mm, can match use 25 mm - 32 mm tube. A complete set of wheelset high front box is the same.


When the light changes, 3 k carbon fiber lines show clearly, exquisite and closely, rather like a handicraft.

Circle the details

Flower drum

Top front and flower drum with past the Fulcrum wheel is no different. On both sides of the flange for the aluminum alloy material, intermediate shaft shell for carbon fiber material, flower drum after adopted the design of the flange. Front and rear wheels adopt CULT ceramic bearing, and the axis of the bowl structure can be adjusted. After the first flower drum for 18 holes, flower drum for the 21 hole (14 left 7 right, 2:1) structure. Core shaft for aluminum alloy material. In the hand rotation feel when play axial rotational resistance is small, of course that's not saying anything...

Flower drum

The spokes and a hat

Speed of 40 t use the double slapped flat stainless steel bar, and it's with aluminum cap. The spokes system USES the technology of article DRSC cap and ANTI - ROTATION spokes rotational structure, the maximum extent to ensure the spokes in the factory of aerodynamic position forever, to prevent the occurrence of ROTATION caused in the process of using flat spokes resistance. Cooperate with continental GATORSKIN tube tire when using, need to use extended gas mouth, diagram of 40 mm to extend the gas nozzle.

The spokes
Technical summary
CULT ceramic bearing
Dynamic balance
2:1 lawmakers
Article DRSC cap technology
ANTI - ROTATION spoke against the rotational structure

3 d brake edge processing

And pure handmade certificates and traceability qr code

, of course, the wheel is not with the work of art, or have to resort to the fields for a walk. But the dynamic display may have to wait a few days...
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