Reviews,More wide I9? Reynolds, released the new carbon fiber wheel

Kona triathlon has passed, Reynolds Cycling has been in preparation for the next quarter update to upgrade their product line of pneumatic wheel. Last week release to aerodynamic iron three car bring a new ethos of the world, the company after the debate whether models should use a disc brake or wheel brake. Renault's answer is both wheelset continue to launch, but they also reduce the total height of the wheel rim, a total of three versions, use more wide wide outside and inside width and structure of "vacuum".

carbon wheels

In 2017, you will find that the Reynolds' carbon wheel from the previous four highly into three level. Reynolds said that 72 mm and 90 mm high level performance in wind tunnel is very similar, so the two merged into a new Aero 80. 46 DB as Aero and Aero 65 (DB), we see the Aero 80 also upgrade DET (Dispersive Effect Termination), it is said that can provide better aerodynamic performance and crosswind stability.

carbon fiber wheels

And, more importantly, the new CR6, rims now has 19 mm in width (outside the maximum of 28 mm wide), in order to better adapt to 25 c tyre, tyre more Bigger more benefits.

carbon wheelset

Three height in the high two wheels brake version will be provided to Aero 46 DB and 65 DB Aero? Congratulations you guessed it, disc brake is the edition.

carbon rims

Disc brake version of the special wheels tie-in flower drum by Industry Nine (commonly known as I9) custom, the flower drum are according to the specifications of the design of Reynolds wheel. This means that they have three daughter 60 ring structure, bite to 6 degrees of Angle; Also means according to different frame, barrel axis and 9 mm quick release can switch back and forth. The disc brake the spokes of the version number for the first 18 after 24, disc brake version is 24 after ascending to the top 20.

carbon fiber rims

All wheelset with vacuum tire cushion gas mouth. Aero 65 and Aero wheels brake version costs $2499, 80 and 46 DB and 65 DB Aero Aero price of $2599.

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Source: the BIKETO

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