ZIPP 202 NSW carbon fiber wheel

When we to The Nest level research and development experiment of top engineers mentioned: a lightweight carbon fiber from us - 202 Firecrest open wheel, eliminate more weight, but at The same time improve The rolling performance, pneumatic car performance and braking performance, this is a very demanding task goals. And when we asked them to achieve these goals at the same time, but you can't sacrifice durability, it seems almost is a mission impossible. However, NSW senior r&d team well completed all the requirements, and successfully developed the best - ZIPP climbing wheel. 

NSWTM openings for carbon fiber 202 "wheel, this is a pair of strong enough, is applicable to any ride wheelset.

202 NSW is designed to Zipp fastest speed carbon fibre shedding wheelset, can make you stand out in the most difficult climbing a hill, and in the ensuing steep downhill energy saving more time. In the process of climbing the mountain and hill to get faster speed is only half the battle, 202 NSW have among the lowest in the same box high wheel air resistance, can let you anywhere fast cycling.

To become the world's leading climbing wheel, need more than just simply lose weight; But there must be no compromise on all aspects of performance. This is why The Zipp The Nest engineers choose to ascend The world's fastest carbon fiber opening - 202 Firecrest Zipp climbing wheel.

Thanks to a new way of lighter carbon fiber layer overlapping, 32 mm high box Zipp202 NSW wheelset in the most need to lose weight weight loss; In the wheel and still keep the famous Firecrest wheel durability and lateral rigidity. Wheelset by ABLC Sawtooth TM technology to reduce air resistance, and through ImPressTM decals to ensure that the air through the surface of wheels and golf hole surface, nothing blocking formation, through flow more smoothly. If a wheel climb quickly, but the steep hill slowly is no benefit. Therefore, NSW engineers will we currently no matter on dry pavement, or wet roads, are most confident brakes, brake performance best Showstopper TM and integrated into the Zipp 202 NSW.

In order to further enhance the performance of rolling of the wheelset, 202 NSW rims match our breakthrough CognitionTM flower drum. Around the Axial ClutchTM (Axial clutch) technology, after which the flower drum is designed to be in the process of sliding, maintain speed by separation of ratchet device. This technology can make the flower drum after Cognition compared with the traditional structure of the flower drum, rolling resistance decrease sharply. Slide on the hilly roads, or in a long ride will have obvious advantages.

202 NSW carbon fiber wheel
Weight: 1390 g/right
640 g (front)
750 g (rear)
32 mm high box
25.4 maximum width

24.62 mm brake edge width

The width of 16.25 mm
Number of spokes: after first 18, 24
Sapim safety lock spokes cap
CX - Ray Sapim spokes
Which flower drum set
ImPress decals
Estimated time to market: in October 2016

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