Bicycle regular maintenance

Bicycle regular maintenance
Check the chain: the chain in the case of long-term use will stretch occurs, the chain pitch is 0.5 inches, measured 24 chain length should be 12 inches, if its length has exceeded the normal length of 1/8 inch, the chain should be replaced .
Cleaning the chain: if your chain has many internal sludge, maybe the cleaning, and cleaning the chain can be used to wash the chain, or the chain removed, find a container filled with solvent oil, placed in chains, shake it wash, dry out and finally oil.
Check the flywheel and the large chainring: If after updating the chain, if the flywheel will hops tooth, the update flywheel, if a large chainring tooth wear is very large, the case generated card chain should also be replaced, check the large chainring fixing screws, if loose shall be re-locked.
Check the wheels: Check the gas nozzle near the hole and the wire hole, whether there are subtle rift, if cracks, replace the wheel as soon as the wheels lifted, rotating wheels, wheels will observe whether the friction brake pads, if you will shall be re-adjusted wheels.
Check wire: Check the front and rear wheels of steel wire if there's broken, replace it if, after the change must retune steel rim, adjust the rim, the rim was observed yaw direction, such as the right side, then the wheel the right of the bead at the beaches to relax, the left lock, skewed to the left and vice versa, the magnitude of the yaw around the rim should be less than 2mm.
Check handlebar: Check whether the driver is deformed in a car accident, whether at the standpipe locking portion cracks, if it is, change is more grip.
Check the seat cushion and the rod: Remove the seat rod and check for cracks or deformation, if not then a thin layer of butter on after replacing, check whether there is damage to the seat cushion, beneath the bracket is intact, if there are problems, it is to be replaced.
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