Bicycle maintenance

Bicycle maintenance
1. After the car ride for some time, the components should be checked and adjusted to prevent loose parts fall off, sliding parts should be regularly into the amount of oil to keep it lubricated.
2. Once the vehicle is wet or damp after rain, plating parts should be scrubbed dry, then coated with a layer of neutral oil (such as household sewing machine oil) to prevent rust.
3. varnish coating components can not wipe grease, so as not to damage the film to lose their luster.
The bicycle tires and tubes and brake rubber is rubber products, should avoid contact with oil, kerosene and other oil products, rubber to prevent aging deterioration. New tires enough air fight. Usually tire pump should be appropriate, lack of encouragement, tire easy to break; cheer too full, easily hurt the tires and parts. The correct approach is: front tire should be less cheer, rear tires should be more encouragement. Cold weather should hit enough air, a hot day should not cheer too full.
5. The bicycle carrier important amount. Ordinary bicycles, load should not exceed 120 kg; carrying bicycle, carrying capacity can not be more than 170 kg, due to the front wheels by the entire vehicle designed to withstand only 40% of the weight, so do not hang heavy in the front fork.
Check the hub: Remove the front and rear wheels, check whether the wire hole near the cracks, replace it immediately if the hand rotating hub axle look, plus more than shake down, if feel the gap, or very loose, then the hub axle decomposition, the internal oil clean up, and then reload the new butter, to reassemble the hub axle, remember to adjust the shaft bearing can be adjusted smoothly rotated, but there will be shaking up and down the gap.
Check Transit heart: Remove the chain, grab the crank side to side, if shaking, tighten screws, if still shaking, you should adjust Tianxin bearings; cushions on the ear, rotate the crank, the sound should be heard "whirring" sound very smooth, if you hear a strange noise or other Gala Gala, it said bearing is damaged, replace the transit center.
Check pedals: Remove the pedal, using 15mm open-end wrench, pay attention to the left pedal is left teeth, do not split when removed the wrong pedal bearings do not need to adjust, but we need to check if the card is used pedal, then check the operation of any organization, and lubricating oil. Check the transmission: the various parts of the operation to check whether the transmission of shaking, if so, denote transmission wear is very serious and should be replaced, if not in the action part of the lubrication oil.
Check Frame: check all the paint, if the state of corrosion to the frame perforation shall replace the frame, if the frame is deformed by the impact, it should be replaced.
Update all internal and external pipe line: All ray tube after a long period of use, it has been worn, it is recommended to be replaced in order to maintain its performance.
When the wild ride, the car fails, so you have to walk home, it is very disappointing thing, so in order to avoid this, do remember to go out cycling with a tool, do not think that there are no surprises happen, be prepared always good. Here are common in the wild to a fault condition and a method of repair:
Puncture: This is what often happens when a puncture occurs, remove the wheel, tire lever breaking with the demolition of the tire, remove the tube, if carrying a spare tire, it can be mounted directly on the spare tire, if no spare tire , they need to fill a tire, first find out when the puncture hole, rough with sandpaper or something close to the hole after the slightly abrasive, coated with tire sealant, wait a while and so it is close to semi-dry, the sheet posted Tyre , the pressure to be in prison, and then check whether the pump will leak, and finally replace the tires and tubes, will be sufficient to hit the gas.
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