Bike Physics

Bike Physics
Principle bicycle with gyroscopic principle is the same.
1. Measurement Application
When measuring the length of the runway, the use of bicycles. As is common diameter of the wheels or 0.71 m 0.66 m. Then turned around a length of the diameter times pi, or about 2.33 m or 2.07 m. Then, let the car roll down the runway, note the number of turns of the rolling, the runway or 2.07n to 2.33n meters meters.
2. The use of force and motion
⑴ decreases with increasing the friction. Car front axle, rear axle and the central axis are used to reduce rolling friction. To further reduce friction, it is often added to the lubricant in these parts. Many engraved with uneven pattern to increase friction. In the brake at the same time, the hand clenched brake, brake pads increase the pressure on the rim, reaching to stop the wheels rolling purposes.
⑵ spring damping effect. Car seat safety under many springs, using its cushioning effect to reduce vibration.
3. The use of pressure knowledge
⑴ engraved on a bicycle tire load. Such as car excess weight, the tire pressure being too big to be crushed.
⑵ cushion saddle-shaped, it is possible to increase the contact area with the body cushion to reduce hip suffered pressure, makes cycling easy to feel fatigue.
4. The use of a simple mechanical knowledge
Bicycle braking system brakes the lever and the link is a labor-saving, can increase tension on the brake pads. In order to save effort or bicycle distance, also used the wheel: the pedals and the sprocket tooth plate; the rear wheel with the flywheel and shaft mixer and the like.
5. The use of mechanical power and energy knowledge
⑴ the principle of work: effort must distance charges. So people in the uphill, often riding "s" shaped route is the truth.
⑵ kinetic energy and gravitational potential energy converted into each other. As cycling uphill, kicking a few people to step up, it is easy to go up more, here is the kinetic energy into potential energy. The ride downhill without pedaling, the speed faster and faster, this is the potential energy into kinetic energy.
⑶ whole bike is laborious machinery, usually from the province before cycling. Wind cycling than walking against the wind difficult, because the force of the rider fee is "enlarged" the.
6. precursor and rear-wheel drive
⑴ bicycle belonging to rear-wheel drive, rear wheel drive, front-wheel passive.
⑵ after flooding due bike, ride straight after the tire marks of a straight, a rule bent, straight after the tire marks, bend to the front tire marks.
Friction knowledge
① bicycle tire Why have uneven patterns?
The size of the frictional force with two factors: the roughness of the magnitude of the pressure, the contact surface. The higher the pressure, the greater the friction force; the rough contact surface, the greater the friction. Bicycle tire has uneven pattern, which is by increasing the roughness of the bike and the ground to increase friction, and its purpose is to prevent a bicycle slipping.
After ② brake, bicycle Why can stop?
When the brakes, brake friction between the skin and the rim, will hinder the rotation of the rear wheel. Hand the greater the pressure, the pressure on the brake leather rim greater, the greater the friction generated by the rear wheels will turn more slowly. If the brake is completely dead, then the friction between the wheel and the ground becomes sliding friction (original rolling friction, the forward direction), backward direction, hindering the movement of the bicycle, so stopped up.
③ bicycle safety where there are ball? Why Ann Ball?
In the front axle, the central axis of the rear axle, the rotation of the handlebar, pedal rotation at places such as the bicycle, there are safety ball.
People always want to ride a bike easy, flexible, and effort. And instead of using the scroll sliding friction can be greatly reduced, so to install the ball rotational bicycle places. You can always add oil, the contact surface away from each other, so you can make the friction becomes smaller.
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