Bicycle-related knowledge

Bicycle-related knowledge
1. The lever on the bike
A, front wheel steering control lever: the bicycle handlebar, lever effort is that people with little force will be able to rotate a front bicycle wheel to control the direction of movement of the balance of the bike and bicycle.
B, brake control brake lever: the brake is on the handlebar lever effort, people with a small force can make a larger brake pressure to the pressure on the wheel rims.
2. The bicycle axle
A, pedals and gear shaft faceplate: Composition effort axle (pedal radius greater than the radius of the disk gear).
B, bicycle handlebars and front fork axis: (radius greater than the radius of rotation of the handle fork shaft) consisting of effort axle.
C, rear axle and the rear wheel gear: Composition effort axle (gear radius less than the radius of the rear wheel).
3. Pressure knowledge on the bike.
Bicycle tire inflator: Early various wheels are wooden wheels, iron wheels, jolted. Modern bicycles inflatable tube, primarily to enable the tire pressure increases within the cushion, while reducing the bike forward resistance.
Valve core role: on inflated inner tube valve core, from the one-way valve effect, only allow gas to enter the gas to prevent leakage, and convenient intake to ensure inflatable tube seal.
4. Bicycle optical knowledge.
Red taillights on the bike, not self-luminous, but at night it can remind drivers to pay attention, because the bike taillights are composed of many small chambers honeycomb configuration, and each room is a small three by the reflecting surface composed of approximately 90 °. Thus at night, light incident on the back of the car bicycle taillights, will produce the reflected light due to red eye-catching, can cause drivers to pay attention.
5, biking play Note:
① To prepare necessary equipment: helmet, riding pants, riding gloves, glasses, scarves or masks.
② least 2 persons traveling together. This will not only ensure safety, as well as partners.
③ ready tire repair tools and repair: car quality is no problem, bring within a hex wrench, a spanner is enough to live on. The key is to Tyre Tyre. Also you need glue, frustration. To exercise this yourself. But also to bring water 'food, kneepad.
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