World's most bicycle

World's most bicycle
The earliest bicycle
The first bicycle designed around 1793 by the French Schiff Mubarak completed. The bike was far from perfect.
The largest bike
June 4, 1989, Dave Moore of the United States made a bike 3.4 meters high, 3.05 m diameter wheels. If the wheel diameter calculation, which is the world's largest bicycle.
Longest bicycle
February 27, 1988, New Zealand Stanley · Se Siman designed and manufactured a bicycle 22.24 m long, four-person riding.
The most expensive bike
Arumania Scandinavian launched one of the most expensive bike worldwide used 600 Swarovski crystals, body coated with gold (24K gold refers to gold, which means it's gold content is 100%), price € 117,000.
The most expensive mountain bike
Britain's Steve produced a mountain bike, by their own countries and the United States, Italy, Japan, the production of most high-end parts are assembled. The price of $ 12,025, together more than 90,000 yuan.
Minimum double car
France's Jacques ratio, especially manufacturing a tandem bicycle, only 36 cm long.
Maximum tricycle
July 1998, 16 US college students designed a three-wheeled bicycle, vehicle height 7.13 meters, 2.23 meters in diameter rear wheel, front wheel diameter of 4.67 meters.
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