Bike Series game

Bike Series game
Cycling team manager
Chinese name: English cycling team manager name: Pro Cycling Manager
A team of professional drivers, teams, players will team bike cycling career is managed by the 15-40-member, responsible for arranging their training in terms of speed, strength, sprint, etc., shall also be due to the characteristics and schedule events and for mating of training. Want to take in all competitions can get a good bike performance, in addition to being a manager of people you need to properly manage its players, the quality of the driver itself is also very important. Players can promote some of the considerable potential for newcomers, and single-handedly fledgling novice trained to work independently in the name of star athletes, but also poaching talent from other professional team.
Mountain 3D Edition
Mountain Bike 3D Edition
Mountain Bike 3D Edition (4)
Game description: In a cross-country mountain bike game theme of sports games.
Game Operation: ↑ ↓ arrow keys to control the bike forward and backward, left and right arrow keys ← → to control the direction of the bicycle.
Game description: A bicycle race theme of sports games, games in which players need to participate in a bicycle race village, across a variety of obstacles need to win.
Game Operation: → keys: move accelerate, Spacebar: jump.
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