Bike "ID"

Bike "ID"
December 5, 2015, Beijing will implement real-name system bicycle, free registration will buy stolen goods sentencing. [6]
From January 1, 2016, the Beijing Public Security Bureau, Beijing Joint bicycles electric vehicle industry associations, in the implementation of the full implementation of the Beijing "free bike purchase real-name registration", the owner may voluntarily free of charge for the car "identity."
When purchasing a vehicle the masses, rely on my ID card and purchase invoices, sales at the store site for free real-name registration. The main content of the registration: name, ID number, current address, telephone number commonly used vehicle brand, vehicle color, steel frame coding, motor vehicle number, invoice number; if you choose to install the GPS device, GPS will register numbers. In addition, the public security organs and the Bicycle Association will organize specialized personnel, taking into communities, schools, enterprises and institutions, etc., are being used in stages, and there is steel and coding invoices bicycles free of charge real-name registration.
After registration, the public security organs will enter the vehicle information database bicycle, the vehicle will have an accurate "identity." Public security organs will make use of relevant information, the police rely on "big data" means information and modern technology, increase the street, in key areas, second-hand bicycle market, inventory efforts suspects in a timely manner approved vehicle if there is suspicion of theft, suspicious personnel and improve the detection rate of cases of bicycle theft pin, back in time further complicated by a stolen vehicle
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