Xiamen: Carbon fiber "global production

Carbon fiber is widely used in the production of bicycle frames, rims.

New materials industry, is one of the city's efforts to build the industrial chain ten billion. Data from Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the new materials industry in high-tech enterprises annual output growth from 2012's 14.367 billion yuan to 48.89 billion yuan in 2014, showing a rising trend of development. especially

It is a significant growth advantage in metal materials, inorganic non-metallic materials and polymer materials three areas in which the carbon fiber composite materials industry is particularly prominent.

Industrial Cluster force

Leading global market

Xiamen, is a carbon fiber composite material "global production base", it has formed a cluster, at the advanced level in the global market.

In recent years, the Tour de France, "Xiamen-made" product shine

Xiamen production of carbon fiber wheels among the best in the world. In the near future, Xiamen carbon fiber bicycle production by machinery instead of manual, streamline production, Hong Albert will build the Kingdom of carbon fiber composite material, involved in a number of energy-saving cars and other fields


Own R & D facilities

When academicians to think tank

"Carbon fiber material, which is now the price of carbon fiber thread is not expensive, we use the device only takes 15 minutes to complete the work, and now we see a machine a worker, a person can do in the future to see two or three machine. ", machinery and equipment production,

It formed the most unique advantages of Xiamen carbon fiber rims. According to reports, some state-owned enterprises and research institutes is used by professional equipment.

"Can machinery to complete our work as much as possible mechanically complete, people still need to do thoughtful work, such as scientific research.", Who has always been the core of the research, from the outset, Xiamen carbon fiber rims recruited a number of enterprises professional. At present, Xiamen carbon fiber rims enterprises

R & D industry talent.

Strong technical reserves

Broad product space


carbon fiber

Carbon fiber, known as "black gold", a composite material made of carbon fiber products made not only lightweight, and ultra-high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life. At present, widely used in the production of carbon fiber bicycle frame, rims, helmets, badminton racket, fishing rod, etc. Life Movement


Carbon fiber material is good, but the design and manufacturing process is difficult, poor processes can cause localized impact resistance is poor, affecting product quality. Rider in the spread of the word "Xiamen Guangdong wheel frame", we can see Xiamen advanced carbon fiber composite materials is evident.
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