Comprehensive New Balance: Silver Bass T

In recent years, road bike began to move toward the development of multi-directional, "aerodynamic road car", "ultra-light climbing car", "long-distance comfort" ...... suitable 

for their different environments, with different geometry between them, different the design approach, with the materials, the manufacturing process

Progress, development is also more fit different environments riding pursue it - fast.

However, in the final analysis, For the truly "strong uphill, flat road not kneel, but also sprint, comprehensive development," still have to return to Tai comprehensive set of 

models; the ride into the US net Biketo silver test ride reviews Bass comprehensive set of new large road car, then it is not available for sale early 'steal

Run ", with silver Bass - Lan Pada expedition team 2016 season T1300.

Riders familiar with the phrase "a bicycle frame is the soul of" frame-type geometry just like men faithful car of interest "measurements data" as visually illustrates the basic 

shape of the frame, as well as frame design orientation, cruising stability and steering sensitivity ......

T1300 in geometry also showed their competitive orientation, larger REACH (protrusion quantity), the minimum STACK (stack height) and riser angle of 74 °, geometric guided 

forward riding position with a large gap fit so that the rider cruising at high speed, shaking sprint car at a lower position

"Stick to the ground."

I believe, just take a good look bikers frame type of geometry, it will certainly be very small STACK (stack height) and scared, silver bass on the T1300 follows the overall 

success of the past embedded headset design, embedded headset insufficient to avoid the frame head tube shorter design, which led to rigidity

And so on; the actual head tube with embedded design, there are two different heights marbling carbon fiber pads (large approximately 15mm, small pieces of 10mm), provides 

handlebar 25mm lifting height; install two carbon fiber can be REACH increased to approximately 536mm, REACH shorten

To about 378mm, take into account the different needs of riders spine flexibility for front height.

After straighten the front, marbling carbon fiber pads and head tube, top tube perfect integration, maximize maintaining the degree of integration of the front, contrast plain 

washers, improve integration, reduce the naked eye can not see the face of the head pipe wind spoiler but also for the visible "face value" plus

Points, too.

And the evaluation of the vehicle with the T1300's Zipp Service Course Handlebar Series group

Line design will go in the line pipe, wire hidden in the frame, reducing the exposed parts; T1300 brake cable wire inlet adjacent the inlet design, compared to the mechanical, 

electrical transmission line into the hole with the same design, the appearance of more compact and beautiful; because the measure sent to the T1300

Shimano Di2 built-in battery shift configuration, mechanical variable speed trace on the down tube are properly capped.

On the basis of the previous generation front triangle integrated large group of cars on the T1050, into the aerodynamics of the trend in recent years, "fat fork" and the flat 

tube. Inside Delta, it has a clear Kamm-Tail design marks (Kamm-Tail multiple products TREK, Pinarello, Canyon, Scott, etc.

Cards are in use "virtual tail" tube type), dumbbell-shaped head tube shape can be reduced and the optimization of the windward side windward angle, using a semi-elliptical 

windward wind, wing truncated tube shape, let the wind flowing through the guide from a tail, drag reducing irregular turbulence and optimize the way reality

Non-directional surface crosswind interference.

The bottom of the down tube "500 size" at deliberately wide open tube, in addition to catering to large stout five, but also with Campagnolo EPS bottle cage at the front / 

Shimano Di2 electronic shifting external battery alignment hole for the external battery bracket wind rectification purposes.

Five-area, affecting the performance of the entire frame when the stampede, T1300 follows the BB86 press-fit bottom bracket structure generation large group of vehicles used 

T1050; full carbon fibers BB86 five, with respect to the other brands in the past with the specifications of the metal five-pass, in the assurance side

Rigidity to the premise of the performance, have better material stability, lower body weight can well overcome the problem within the metal shell impatience repeated 

disassembly central axis (material properties).

When riding, the vehicle's rear comfort all rely on the tube slightly flattened on the treated fork; the tube after "playing flat," the fork, use of carbon fiber material 

properties - flexibility, may be subjected to the rear wheel when the vertical reaction bumpy road through the rear fork-shaped mild stress

Variable, as low as possible "vertical rigidity" transfer (Talking is jolt sense).

The key point of treading force when - after the next fork, silver bass also deliberately used herein unusual thick square tube reinforced and asymmetric design, with "honest 

sturdy shape," the five-BB86 into a high transmission efficiency compared to the alleged new rear triangle structure; the "chassis"

Generation large group of frame T1050, can improve performance by 15% rigidity, the region received five-pedaling power efficiently converted into the kinetic energy of the rear 

wheel forward.

A total of eight silver bass full name and brand names, all over the whole top of the frame, harmonious colors, perfectly integrated into the painting, become decorative frame

Today, electric power seems to have changed and roads are not open around the party topic, T1300 send test vehicle is also good to meet this --SHIMANO 6870 with Rotor INpower 

3D30 axis power meter crankset. For equipment slightly concerned riders, certainly not on Rotor

3D30 in "run sub-capacity" German authorities and unfamiliar machine testing, has excellent rigidity, weight, "Yan value" performance it also is one of many well-known bicycle 

brand of choice for the match.

Non-driving side perspective show their hidden "power core" cliché, bike power meter appears, leading cycling was a major innovation, training never reached so efficient, so 

that the traditional pure heart rate training looks like Xiapao is a fool; ratio

When the tournament, according to wattage, real-time adjustment of the output, is the most direct means of control outputs; each driver's head seem to have been put up their own 

"health bar", the introduction of advanced technology, "gas tank" dramatically changed the pattern of the current game road bike.

Car assembly Rotor 3D30 is not simple, the true identity of Rotor INpower 3D30 power meter crankset axis; Rotor INpower 3D30 main measurement module, battery concentrated in the 

axial position, away from the water and dirt damage caused to the electronic module also reduce

Inertia module in the teeth on a disk; the use of power is readily available to buy streets AA batteries, just open the non-drive-side rotation "crank cover", can easily replace 

the battery.

In the T1300 experience this time, Rotor INpower 3D30 exhibit good stability and accuracy throughout the data curve nor "extremely strange" beating, limited to its non-driven 

side axial cross-legged on a unilateral measure, and other cross-legged on the left side of the single structure of power meter

Like, Rotor INpower 3D30 on a level road, uphill sprint recorded maximum wattage slightly low.

Data reliable, reasonably priced, Rotor INpower 3D30 market is currently high cost power meter tooth plate.

Silver Bass's 2016 New --NEWULTRA 35T carbon fiber wheels

basic configuration:


Box High: 35mm

Frame width: 25mm

Drum: DTSwiss 350S

Spokes: Sapim CX-RAY

Article cap: Sapim BRASS

Quick release: WINSPACE Pro SL

Weight: about 1200G each wheel / rim about 320g each (tube tire version)

In the past, many riders prefer to press the wheel rim height classified as "climbing wheels" (lower box), "comprehensive round" (high block), "Cruise wheel" (high box) ...... 

bicycle industry has entered a rapid development era, carbon fiber material applications also tend to mature, and all the top events

, The faster speed, higher rigidity, road feel better frame 35-40mm wide circle of high carbon fiber wheels, has already exceeded a "comprehensive", substitute low-Box "climbing 

wheels" has become the brightest players in the mountain climb preferred.

Surface texture WINSPACE new ULTRA series wheel set with carbon fiber grid pattern TeXtreme have the same purpose, according to official information on the new series ULTRA-

round group in its COATING FREE technology (currently only ZIPP, CRIMA, MAVIC, VISION, ENVE

Several major brands master the use of similar technology), this feature technology to achieve lighter weight, higher strength and rigidity.

Thanks to robust large PF "chassis" five-way binding BB86 bottom bracket with high transmission efficiency, silver bass T1300 Jigong steep ups and downs in the great number of 

Guangzhou University City Speedway race around the island, and each time the power can be directly stampede transmitted to the NEW ULTRA 35T carbon fiber wheels,

Rapidly converted into kinetic energy of the vehicle forward, rapid acceleration reflects very sharp, "push hip sense of" obvious!

Low box NEW ULTRA 35T, climbing and downs in the road does have outstanding performance, but when the top of the hill onto the face of flat road cruising, NEW ULTRA 35T box only 

35mm high and its weight is 1200g seemed "determined to weakness ", it is difficult to bring greater aerodynamics

And gain greater inertia; after all, industry specializing in surgery, yet the world can cope perfectly flat road cruising, climbing the height of the rim, as if the author 

agreed to undulating road, Criterium riders for the purpose, it may T1300 is considered optional NEW ULTRA series high in bigger box

45mm or 55mm, the same configuration, higher frame height, better cruise performance.

The vehicle's design approach is obvious - high rigidity performance, high-speed stability, comfort depends only slightly on the back of the fork hit the flat, slightly less NEW 

ULTRA 35T does not have the sense of the way with filtering capabilities, blocking the road a great horse brand when the alligator tube tires, road feel feedback is more obvious 


Evaluation late, I replaced with another horse on the opening card GP4000II S tire wheels, road feel immediately be greatly improved).

Advantages: speed corresponding sharp, rigid good performance, reasonable alignment design (mechanical and electronic shifting), look beautiful (aesthetic in line with the 


Inadequate: vehicle road feel too clear feedback, a large turning radius, FSA SL-K Monolink seat adjustment lever is extremely inconvenient, Continetal GATORSKIN tube tires 

other than stab durable, nothing.

In addition to this evaluation used by blue-black outside, "Configuration II" vehicle, T1300 also glossy pink, red and black, black, four painting, as well as four different 

configurations of vehicles to choose from; frame group official sale price of 8,000 yuan, since the group intends to DIY, or color be pursued

Riders can find a suitable match.
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