Six crazy concept bike: square wheel deb

Six crazy concept bike: square wheel debut

Beijing June 27, according to the US "Connection" magazine reported that, although the bike has been designed almost perfect, but the designers did not seem to mean to stop. Some of their work can be a real sense of improvement, for example, from Penny Farthing (penny farthing bicycle) pedal to the front wheels, to drive the rear wheel drive rod or chain of some improvements made. However, there are more "crazy" than this design.

1. square wheel bike

Six crazy concept bike: a square wheel stage (Figure)
Square wheel bike
Photos of this bike may seem absurd, it is actually a square wheel. In fact, the party also can ride a bicycle wheel, but on condition that it is composed by the curved laying of a dedicated "track."

2. Pilen bike concept

Six crazy concept bike: a square wheel stage (Figure)
Pilen bicycle concept
The reason why this bike on the list thanks to its cool look. Pilen concept bike is Eric Sarandi (Eric Therner) for the Swiss company Pilen Bikes design, this design is based on the 1930 Le Mans race basis. Judging from the appearance, Pilen giving a nostalgic feel, but in this nostalgic hides behind numerous high-tech equipment - light-emitting diode mounted on the frame, a seat consists of two parts, each part are It can play a damping effect. Curiously, despite having two brake levers, but it does not seem Pilen front brake. In addition, non-adjustable seat height also have to consider a problem. However, as long as good-looking appearance, who would care about these things?

3. Cube concept bike city streets

Six crazy concept bike: a square wheel stage (Figure)
Cube concept bike city streets
The concept car bicycle inner tubes and rods using carbon fiber material, and can be folded head folded with a backpack is almost, but you still have to find a place to store the wheel. If you can do that, you have a bike theft. If you bring a lock, which may increase the weight of this bike twice.

4. Cardboard Bike

Six crazy concept bike: a square wheel debut (Figure) (2)
Cardboard Bike
Anti-theft function by bicycle cardboard student Phil Bridge (Phil Bridge) design. The reason why is because it has security features, who would steal a bicycle made of cardboard it? Even if they lose, no big deal, because the price of $ 30 a paltry cardboard bicycle. Need to remind readers that, this bike is not a scrap of cardboard made, but using hexacomb cardboard - a hard material for the packaging industry, after foil application waterproof.

Bridge said that under normal conditions of use, this bike is about the life of six months or so, parts of non-paperboard materials can be reused. We are curious, cardboard bike Is not "life can not bear its burden," You know, in the hands of a lot of temper tempered person, metal materials to build the bike could not escape the fate of fragmentation.

5. Puma bike

Six crazy concept bike: a square wheel debut (Figure) (2)
Puma Bike
The Puma is not the concept of a true sense of the bike, because consumers can buy in the market, but it's weird and amazing extent can definitely be compared with any concept car. Puma is a single gear folding bike double disc brakes. It is the biggest bright spot is to replace part of the frame with wire rope (down tube), it has pretty good anti-theft feature. This is done to remove the rope to act as a lock, even if the thief cut the rope, we would not be able to bike ride away. However, since the wire rope instead of part of the frame, we will inevitably generated when cycling stability concerns. Price Puma bikes up to 1100 euros ($ 1700),

6. The Ride

Six crazy concept bike: a square wheel debut (Figure) (2)
The Ride
Ellsworth Bicycle Manufacturing Company (Ellsworth Bicycle) to create The Ride is available in the market to buy another concept car. If you are a very rich man, may wish to make this crazy ride home. The Ride is the use of a continuously variable transmission device can generate a continuous speed ratio, the speed of change and bring stability. Turn the dial on the handlebar if the angle between the axle plate on the two will change, and then adjust the torque. This design is from the 90s of the 15th century Leonardo da Vinci first conceived. The Ride of the price up to $ 3,000.
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