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To create a new style of fashion - Solomon bike F7 debut Yao Shi

Nowadays, fashion is a label, a test of whether people standing on the top of the times, and all the time a test of whether people live from me. Fashion is an all-inclusive concept, its tentacles all aspects of life. And now, the quality of life and fashion are inseparable, when people are freed from the car in pursuit of this means of transport, low-carbon, environmental protection and health among these concepts began to flood in life, the British "Daily Mail" reported, according to the British Ministry of Transportation survey shows that the more wealthy British Cycling miles in the longer, more in-depth understanding because they ride brings benefits to physical and mental health.

In recent years, the rapid growth of China's luxury consumption, the major luxury brands have to seize the huge potential Chinese market, while the consumption of high-end bicycles started an upward trend, the pursuit of quality of life so that the affluent luxury and health linkages together, in the pursuit of high-end quality of life of the time and enjoy a healthy low-carbon of this stylish new concept in De Suoluo door F7 is in this environment came into being. According to market research and analysis, at this stage of shortage of bike models lack in appearance, quality, cost and other characteristics of the whole, and this is precisely the advantage Solomon bicycle, mainly in Europe, the German Solomon style series aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, etc. mainly high-end bicycles, and the devaluation of the F7 is the price of 250,000 yuan or more high-end luxury concept car, its unique quality and luxury the idea that it set a domestic price of new cycling record. Solomon bicycle brand has a strong strength and years of experience in research and development bike, its low-carbon environmental protection concept from afar, with very unique products into the Chinese market, the rapid development in the country has become well-known brands, open smart and convenient bike new era, taking on one hundred billion consumer market.

SOLOMO bike brands are introduced to the fitness-themed Tianyi -EX, Tianyi Tianyi -SX and other series; known to the king with 600T-EX, 600T-SX; specifically for military enthusiasts and cross-country enthusiasts like to build GERMANYARMS series and so on.

Imperial style -F7

Carbon fiber - Solomon F7 key words bicycle, is a new material used in high-end bicycles, bicycle grade level depends on the choice of materials and workmanship. Typical low, medium and high-end bicycle frame are made of carbon steel, chromium, molybdenum and aluminum and carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is a new type of composite material, it has a light weight, high strength, high specific stiffness advantages, but also can design and ease of formability, so that the design of the structure of higher structural efficiency. It is precisely because so many advantages, Solomon makes this high-end all-carbon eco-friendly materials together with designer brands to create F7 interpretation of luxury, let F7 shine in the bicycle industry, which will become cyclists environmental protection and low-carbon fashion family gluttonous enjoyment.

Solomon's top road racing full carbon concept car F7 to take the whole car carbon fiber composite material is mainly to ensure performance and beautiful appearance of the perfect combination of high-profile cycling. F7 concept with high-grade carbon fiber frame lightweight materials produced, rigorous and simple design, ergonomics and aerodynamics. Master hand-painted body wrap, pack and take full carbon integrated suite of top and carbon fiber foot LOOKKEOBLADECARBONTI Era, enough to demonstrate F7 ultra-high performance, the pinnacle of professional fields.

Wheels and the group are selected SOLOMO high-grade carbon fiber material, creating a new bicycle concept models, and support disc.

Bike gear, brakes and crank the United States using the original SRAM-RED top carbon fiber transmission, brakes and crank system. SRAM-RED is the lightest road transmission system, kit weighs just 2628g. In order to reduce more weight, much of the structure made of carbon fiber material, and fully meet the stringent requirements of the top racers on the car weight and energy transfer, in order to accurately handling car. As a professional-grade carbon fiber road bike, F7 will be completely released driver strength.

Foot is used LOOKKEOBLADECARBONTI, bid farewell to the traditional foot section steel spring, a change can be bent several times without breaking carbon plate and can be replaced at any time. Has the advantage of a hard, wear-resistant, and so on the whole.

Crank using sramredtt?, SRAM Red new technologies crank platen seem to do a big leap. We heard about the new crank is not only lighter than it is now a lot of hollow carbon fiber structure, and there will be a hidden fifth claw, helping to reduce bending platen, the same can be achieved so that the front derailleur shifting faster results, especially in weight-bearing time

The new Red innermost flywheel teeth are made of aluminum. Flywheel is hollow "X-Dome" configuration. This design not only greatly reduce the weight in terms of strength but also to the promotion.

Lamborghini bike color color yellow color red Ferrari two kinds, each one is stylish and quality label. Front of the flag of SOLOMO 24K gold logo, highlighting the value and luxury brands Solomon the king.

Distinguished members enjoy SOLOMO customized services F7 full carbon top concept car, worldwide limited edition, create personalized luxury. In addition, F7 except for a few parts from overseas advanced countries outside the factory, imported vehicle belonging to bring extraordinary sense of shock.

F7 top full carbon road race car concept is designed by German designer of the seven styles, and presented the program after seven out of the Tanabata rose SOLOMO uphold the core concept of "fashion, high-end taste," Germany and China fashion element the perfect combination of elements, vehicle speed full carbon fiber provides the perfect experience to share with passion, color combinations and contrast just right so that the car has become as fleeting of aesthetics and fashion, is the pinnacle of the cycling world dish, epoch-making milestone .
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