Carbon fiber: Let the bike lighter and s

Carbon fiber: Let the bike lighter and stronger aircraft

If the bicycle is less than 4 kg, can be easily lifted with one hand, and the impact resistance is a common bicycle several times, whether urban influx of people will be more sought after?

April 18, reporters from the Shenyang Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the carbon fiber is changing our lives, as large as the Airbus 380, Boeing 787, even rockets, bridges, small badminton we use rackets, tennis rackets, golf clubs, bicycles, laptops and even mobile phone casing, carbon fiber not only make them lighter, but also a substantial increase in its strength.

10 times stronger than steel and new materials

Carbon fiber is a light weight, high strength and high temperature, corrosion-resistant fiber, the carbon content of more than 90%. Since the strength of the carbon fiber is more than 10 times that of steel, but only a quarter of density, now widely used in national defense, aerospace, power, vehicle, construction, petrochemical equipment and many other industrial fields as well as sports equipment.

The proportion of carbon fiber applications in the aerospace, industrial, and sports and leisure three areas internationally as 29:56:15. China's "five-second" new materials industry development plan will be the first carbon fiber as the material to develop high-performance fiber, and included in the "second five" focus on the development of new materials industry catalog. As well as development of the aerospace and defense industry and other cutting-edge technology essential strategic raw materials, carbon fiber or industrial product upgrading, industrial upgrading indispensable basic materials. Development of China's large aircraft will also use carbon fiber.

787 more than Qicheng use

Relevant statistics show that world demand for carbon fiber will be approximately 13% per year growth rate, the industry pointed out that in recent years, Boeing and Airbus huge demand for carbon fiber, resulting in price increases rapidly.

"Boeing 787 known as the 'Dreamliner', and 70-80% of carbon fiber such lightweight materials." Shenyang Zhongheng New Materials Co., Ltd. responsible person, business is working with the Shenyang Aircraft, carbon fiber applications to the production of some aircraft component. Civil context, companies are ASUS and consultation and cooperation, to provide raw materials for the laptop case.

"Currently, a major bottleneck is the price of carbon fiber civilian, such as a conventional carbon fiber bike price should be around million foreign high-end products may be up to 160,000. In ensuring the quality of the carbon fiber of the premise, to further reduce the price companies are actively explore. "Shenyang Zhongheng new materials Co., Ltd. responsible person.

Shenyang Construction carbon fiber production base

Shenyang Municipal Science and Technology Bureau of the person in charge, at present, Shenyang Kangping high-performance fiber materials industry base, is building the most technologically advanced carbon fiber production base. A construction of 500 tons / year of carbon fiber has been completed trial production at the end of 2011, the product reached the most advanced level, is a completely independent intellectual property rights, and complete localization of the production line.

Shenyang Zhongheng New Materials Co., Ltd. responsible person, according to the strategic planning vision, the company will total investment of 3.0 billion construction of carbon fiber and carbon filament production enterprises, and has industrial aerospace, defense industry and electricity, aircraft offer downstream of the carbon fiber composite material products scale production enterprises. It is reported that the second phase construction will start in July this year, it plans to invest 300 million yuan, carbon fiber precursor production capacity will reach 2,500 tons, carbon filament production capacity will reach 1,000 tons, is expected to be completed around July 2013.
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