Movement to create life: carbon fiber bi

Light body, fast, dubbed "Wrthersee" carbon fiber bike concept, speed can reach 50 miles (about 80 km / h). Designers follow the design principles of the car, so the car has everything you can think of cyclists, bike called the family F1.

Audi introduced a concept cool electric bike e-bike Wrthersee, gorgeous carbon fiber body to make e-bike Wrthersee with a high degree of resilience and light weight, so a seemingly indestructible guy is actually only about 10 kg of weight.

Wrthersee There are three riding modes for users to choose from, including pure human mode, pure electric mode, and human - electric hybrid mode. Users can not only use the power switch to control before using touch screen computer car according to their own needs power unit can also be connected to the smart phone and computer. After start riding, Wrthersee anti-theft system will be in "sleep" state. For those who want to record the knowledge of riding, Audi built specially prepared on the helmet camera for capturing images. Then use your smartphone to upload images in real-time Internet, to share with everyone.
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