8 kg ultra-light carbon fiber bike debut

Recently, Fuzhou 4S shop in the city's first bicycle formal awarding business. 8 kg lightweight carbon fiber bicycle bike 4S shop in Fuzhou, the first exhibition, 'compelling' simple 'pour A' design, has attracted many cycling enthusiasts gathered to watch.

According to the president of the Fujian Provincial Electric Bicycle Vehicle Industry Association Lin Xi introduction, this carbon fiber road bike weighs only 8 kg, including the entire vehicle frame, rims, handlebars, forks and other parts used in all processed into carbon fibers, than ordinary Cycling is more lightweight, fast, and its top speed of 70 km / h, in the self-called extreme sports person, it's worth up to 88,000 yuan.

This car is the province a high-tech R & D design, the use of 'no trigeminal' design, unique in shape, unique personality model, once launched, it was the custom Ferrari. Carbon fiber is extremely hardness, strength and resistance to stress, therefore, no support after trigeminal car still has strong stability, shock resistance more favorable. "I'm the president said.
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