Carbon fiber frame

Technical Interpretation:

As the name suggests, made from carbon fiber frame. Carbon fiber, the English called "carbon fibre", is a kind of the carbon content of polyacrylonitrile fibers, rayon fibers or pitch dimensions, etc. by oxidation, carbonization process obtained 90% or more of the fibers. Its biggest advantage is light weight, high strength, weight is equivalent to only 20% to 30% of steel, but it is more than 10 times the hardness of steel. The use of carbon fiber in the car is usually a high-strength carbon fiber, its strength is about 2000MPa, modulus 250GPa above.

Real carbon fiber frame, first appeared in F1 track designer 1981 McLaren MP4 / 1 of John Barnard designed the world's first one-piece carbon fiber frame, and in the ranks of the current supercar, only four use is a one-piece carbon fiber frame. They are the McLaren F1, Ferrari F50, Enzo, Bugatti EB 110SS.

Of particular significance:

Because the carbon fiber manufacturing cost is very high, so the initial application, even if it is a high-performance supercar is also used only in exterior and the interior until recently was only some of the best high-performance sports cars and racing started in the frame.

special reminder:

Carbon fiber is a shape, once the damage is only scrapped. In addition, as the carbon fiber oxidation can occur in severe acid environments, so avoid contact with strong acids carbon fiber body.

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