Bicycle travel

Bicycle travel
Evolved by road bike, fitness
Touring bicycles
Touring bicycles (2)
  Combined ultra long-range self-sufficient travel, have a more comfortable and relaxed frame geometry designed to load, has a very low lowest gear, the use of wider tires, fitting choice to pursue reliable and durable and less emphasis on weight, often with mountain bike pedals. Mountainous evolved. Most of the mountain with the same configuration but more flexible. For example, can be replaced with a butterfly-shaped handlebar can use many gestures to reduce the time of fatigue. You can also install the front fork damping or cushioning. Or 700c wheels can be 26 inches. But generally for the brake v brake. You can easily install shelves, tile covers, camel bag. In short all the changes are designed to increase durability and reduce fatigue in long-distance production.
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