Carbon fiber frame standard system produ

This is the question I most often encountered in the end is wrapped molding carbon fiber tube plus fitting (lug) carbon fiber frame is good?
Or in hot forming carbon fiber frame (one piece frame) is good?
We can go to think from the perspective of the following:
1) Frame Comfort (Comfort can be likened to the degree of shock absorption) 2) Frame stiffness (Stiffness) 3) Frame responsiveness (Responsiveness) 4) frame handling (Handling) 5) Frame stability (Stability ) 6) frame strength conductivity (power transmission)
The following are two frame comparison table ---------------------------------------- -
Carbon fiber material (ie, non-integrally molded frame connector type) Series for riding distance
Frame Comfort *** The following medium-range distance
Frame stiffness ****** long-range distance
The reaction from the whole frame of *****
Frame handling **** full distance
The stability of the whole frame distance *****
Frame strength conductivity ***** full distance (short distance particularly good)
Carbon fiber material (non-integrally molded frame) series for riding distance
Comfort ***** frame full distance
Frame stiffness ***** full distance
The reaction from the whole frame of *****
Frame handling ****** full distance
Frame stability ****** full distance
Full Frame strength Distance conductivity *****
In short, comfort, handling and stability of the frame is integrally molded high evaluation, no wonder Lance - Armstrong will be rounded down to other brands, except the love of Trek's OCLV technology products. No wonder more recent sessions of the Olympic gold medal venues are all integrally molded carbon fiber frame of the world. Also worth mentioning is the carbon-fiber shock absorption, energy is not only used in the bicycle frame only, now a popular F1 Formula One racing and in 2005 the latest front structure of Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren coupe, which is equipped with two long 620 public PCT, with carbon fiber stringers. When head impact, these stringers can absorb all of the energy of the collision, most of the seating space is not damaged.
Would like to take advantage from the above description enables a better understanding of the carbon fiber frame of bits, and more that you learn how to use limited resources to extend the advantages of using carbon fiber material, infinite speed.
Also in 2005 the best design - modular carbon fiber frame A REAL MASTER PIECE also the way people tell us is indeed the Italian design, artisans have breath garde feeling, and this is the best I have seen one piece frame designed . It combines the molding and thermoforming wound characteristics and advantages are light, strong, have good shock-absorbing effect.
If you can go in terms of reinforcement inside the line, then this car will be the history of cycling classic cars. After all, it can be done on bicycle exhibition displays Pioneer Museum, and only the Italian people.

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