Process Description of manufacturing car

Process Description of manufacturing carbon fiber bicycle frame

Now we will continue to go down a step, carbon fiber bicycle frame factory to see how these materials are converted into the frame. The production process is absolutely marvelous to make you unexpected places. (Article many tech terms, if not accurate vivid expression, I invite you to look

Correction. )
With "carbon fiber reinforced polymer" to describe the carbon fiber will be more accurate, determine the structure of the fiber properties, and the like epoxy glue all this bonding. Each carbon fiber frame is like a collection of separate works together (so you know why it so expensive carbon frame

) - Some pieces even with the SIM card as small, all of these carbon fiber sheet to follow a certain direction and position to ensure accurate arrangement in accordance with the desired end product is so.

According carbon fiber bicycle frame factory that made a single frame it takes nine hours.

For details on each carbon cloth labels, indicating their purpose which is critical
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