Carbon fiber bicycle frame manufacturing

Carbon fiber bicycle frame manufacturing process Introduction bis

Hard to imagine the company carbon fiber bicycle frame factory of this size in the end with the number of different carbon cloth.
It is reported that the plant carbon fiber bicycle frame carbon fiber bike with more than 500 separate pieces of carbon cloth stitched together, the amount of different sizes are also different. Each model and requires a specific type of carbon cloth, carbon fiber and carbon fiber bicycle frame factory vehicle types and different. Even if two cars

Type of look alike - with the same mold - but still different carbon fiber content.
Count, how much this small piece of carbon cloth spend to ensure the smooth operation of the entire plant. Each carbon frame is made of hundreds of different materials.
Start making those carbon cloth are the same. Large rotator to more than six pre-impregnated carbon cloth (also produced in-house made) treated as a special kind of carbon cloth. Large sheet of carbon cloth will first be substantially cut into easy-to-sheet, separate the sheets and then molding (simply regarded the solar system

The highest technology biscuits). After each "cookie" individually labeled, stored.
Different types of pre-impregnated carbon cloth in the rotating frame queued awaiting disposal.
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