Carbon fiber bicycle frame manufacturing

Carbon fiber bicycle frame manufacturing process Introduction ter

Different carbon cloth can be processed into different shapes, not only do Giant's own products, but also contract other brands, for which you can find hundreds or thousands of templates on the shelf.

Detailed labeling, carbon fiber bicycle frame factory materials only in accordance with the classification of different cars, and cars with a different size of raw materials have

Once the crop is good, these small fragments will be classified into different little boxes

The reaction occurs by a temperature-controlled room, because the tropical climate can easily lead to epoxy curing.
Each room's temperature and humidity are controlled.

All these little pieces classification is one thing, to ensure that they are used in the frame accurate position is another matter. Carbon fiber bicycle frame factory to minimize the error rate while improving the efficiency of the measures taken seem quite sensible.

Before the workers start a good idea to carefully look at the labels
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