Carbon fiber bicycle frame manufacturing

Carbon fiber bicycle frame manufacturing processes Introduction to Six

Frame production components requiring high strength plastic mandrel, the internal silicone molds and steel inserts. Workers carbon cloth layers attached to the mandrel such that they form the frame closest to the interior space.
Carbon fiber bicycle frame factory inside and outside the attack of molds, silicone molds produced during the curing process for controlling the internal dimensions, particularly in positions five, head tube, chainstays and other complex structures

In some of the requirements, such as extremely precise position of the head pipe and requires five-added steel inserts.

Each component will spend the push-in part to reinforce. This is a five-way

Carbon fiber Five-life begins like this

The five-way have posted good a carbon cloth, ready

Before making triangle

Long nose pliers will help plastic bag stuffed front triangle site

Head tube production

Detailed instructions
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