Carbon fiber bicycle frame manufacturing

Carbon fiber bicycle frame manufacturing process Introduction seven

Head tube force is great, the slightest mistake will cause great disaster riders, of course, is done to strengthen the layer after layer

Watch carefully about how the head pipe carbon cloth is arranged

Silicone mold head pipe will still keep in the curing process, the upper and lower tubes will be deprived.

Reinforcement head pipe

Shop folded frame assembly will then be sent to such a high temperature high pressure curing mold, reminds me of Xiamen carbon and carbon production in Dongguan this step will be what?

Each can accommodate two or three steel frame components

This dolly to mold sent to the oven, which not only ensures the frame time and can be heated in a suitable predetermined temperature, while avoiding the risk of direct handling hot mold workers.

Under preparation

Tuomo direct component still looks good, but it still requires a lot of "surface" work
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