Trials: climbing bike

Such mountain bike use is obvious, climbing. They are almost no damping.
Past Contest rules require multiple levels of vehicle configuration chainring (must be installed after the multi-stage flywheel, and can shift), but the drivers do not always match the shift.
Many non-competition riders use low speed high torque single-speed flywheel configuration. Now pure climbing vehicle has no cushion. Rules of the game no longer requires the driver of the vehicle must have a shift.
So climbing car is now a pure single-speed car planted!

They are very light in a mountain bike
Climbing 26 points and 20 trolley carts are two types of conventional models is that the 20 professional climbing car, the transformation is more like 26 montane (in fact, each has a professional size cars)
General non-race car weight between 8-15 kg. Race car can be lighter (but too light if the frame easy to break, or training with heavier vehicles)
Climbing very high mobility vehicle, drivers can display a world record straight jump more than 1.6 meters in height.
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