FLATLAND flat floats

In the main Flatland, which is commonly known as the Free Style,

BMX is mainly used in the ground to do some more fancy balancing act, the body is made of aluminum, relatively light. In addition, it differs in that car street style dental plate, dental plate teeth slightly used car market,
In operation for short distances required acceleration, crank length is also longer. And less opportunity to accelerate the level of floats
Teeth small crank shorter, some action to prevent collision feet. After the hub flat floats quite tricky, enclosing the clutch when sliding backwards, reverse the crank will not follow
The floats and flat fork angle and downtown car there was a marked difference

Dirt Dirt racing car racing car has been listed as the 08 Olympic events. It's somewhat similar rules of the game and DS. But the difficulty is higher, is currently in China is still not universal, not many people play. The main venue is too restrictive and very high technical requirements. BMX Racing requires athletes agility, responsiveness and explosive strength, anaerobic energy supply to a main fierce competition and have special technical requirements bicycle sprint.

Characteristic of this car is a bicycle trip for a long trip, so the standard bike to travel with fenders and rear shelf, standard road bike and wagon with as big 700C wheels, dental plate 48T is usually the market, mountain bike bigger than 42 or 44 number. Most use butterfly handlebar handlebar, which is to let people have a variety of long-distance cycling grip to adjust the riding position and long-term to maintain a sense of fatigue caused by a gesture. Such additional handlebar also easier to install accessory parts, such as a flashlight, navigation, code tables, and so on all long-distance travel required to install the device. Low resistance tire wagon plain road tire, to be free to deploy according to their own riding sections, commonly used specifications of the tire is 700X28c 700X32c 300X35c 700X38c 26-inch mountain bike also can be used to travel, especially in the mountains mountain climbing higher efficiency vehicles wagon, many riders use 26-inch models for long distance use. Also relatively bigger the wheels will lose some strength, too much weight may cause the rear wheel spokes break, while 26-inch wheels also can make up for these problems. Many car lovers consider adding shelves and fender mountain bike for long-distance travel.
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