Ferry Trail bike

Ferry Trail bike of this type of car to light most efficiently as a criterion, some people with a folding function, while others do not fold, popular small wheel diameter of the bicycle began more and more to buy a car, but if you go out to play there you can put in the trunk of a bicycle that is really too good, especially for unfamiliar city, shopping or driving too much trouble. Most of this type of car 20-inch wheels, there are smaller 16.18 inches. Small wheel diameter small car because the wheels hit the ground transmission easy, so most cars using dial shorter than after conventional bike "short leg after dialing" or simply use a road bike after dialing (relatively short), dental plate car generally in 50T or more, and road vehicles approaching dental plate, so as to have a higher transmission efficiency, some riders in order to increase the transmission efficiency even dental plate Amoy some rare 60T tooth plate for the transformation of folding (T is the tooth teeth disc, 1T represents a sharp tooth plate, mountain bike only 40 T, road vehicles over 50 T). Front shift according to their own needs, and some do not wear, while others install the front derailleur. Most tire size within the 1.5, you can also install some more stout, but BMX run up already at a disadvantage, but not play stunt car, no one will be installed especially thick casing. Play this car people are lightweight and efficient to work above. Small wheel diameter of the bicycle frame because of its special structure, so the choice of some aspects of the parts stress. While these cars are not distracted horse mountain road section, but would in fact with the various needs of the development of BMX and now trails the player took part in a speed-type vehicle and durable type two. For example, you need to install speed-type vehicles particularly large tooth plate, so a lot of people to transform their car to buy time to ask the dental plate frame that is compatible with the dental plate number BCD, BCD is Bolt Cycle Diameter acronym refers to the dental plate five hole diameter circumference of the screw where, depending on whether your car is compatible buy. Although there are trolley wheels are 20-inch, but there are differences, there are 20-inch rims 406 and 451 points, 406 more than 451 slightly smaller, said some of the popular 451 is generally used in the velocity profile so they have a small car the tire is mounted very fine, but the car can hold 406 thicker the tire. Specifications for a rim and tire specifications of the same can.
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