What are the advantages of Carbon fiber

Carbon fiber frame is characterized by a "light, steel is good, good shock absorption," however, charge
Points exhibits excellent properties of carbon fiber, it seems not so easy technically, the quality of the carbon fiber material differences between the manufacturers as well. Bicycle manufacturers consider the cost issue, unlikely to be used to produce high-grade carbon fiber frame. Despite these practical problems, but has the advantage of carbon fiber frame, or other materials that are not possible to produce a lightweight bicycle 8,9kg about this lightweight carbon fiber bike, climbing the hill when most can manifest its advantages, successfully climbing the hill and refreshing. And not as some light aluminum frame, while climbing the hill felt a pull back force.

(1) can be made lightweight frame

Carbon fiber frame is facing the direction of the carbon fiber is laminated to stress and to give strength. Carbon fiber frame is very light, which is its density and stronger tensile strength composition.

(2) Good shock absorption

With carbon fiber used to make prosthetic leg movement disabilities or special spring is used in various fields. Using its excellent performance in absorbing impact, without making shock absorbers bike. As SCOTT plant ELEVATED frame is known. But the quality difference between the various manufacturers of large, some very hard, so after this ride frame in order to know good or bad.

(3) can be produced in various shapes frame

The basic method of forming the carbon fiber is spread in a mold and then flows into the resin fiber sheets and baked. Frame can be made into various shapes, such as the Y-frame TREK.
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