Relationship between the carbon fiber an

Carbon fiber-containing resin and therefore it can be said acid. However, carbon fibers, should give more consideration to internal factors, it is therefore the possibility of resin with a resin aging exists. Should avoid sunlight, and sunlight affect the temperature of the environment to its maximum carbon fibers bike is not used.
Relationship between titanium and the environment
Excellent corrosion resistance (used in atomic energy and related sectors), not afraid of rain, afraid of injuries, stained with water droplets do not wipe clean. Bicycle prepared using this material is a waste, but there are disadvantages as previously titanium (corrosion of dissimilar metals), such as aluminum and titanium parts are joined together when the parts are gradually etched.
In addition to titanium, other metals can also occur between dissimilar metal corrosion, especially in parts of the seat tube, for example, the seat tube and aluminum chromium molybdenum steel frame joined together regardless of when the contact surface turns brown, and even Unable to extricate them down.
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