Research and development of carbon fiber

Cycling is daily life indispensable means of transport, its low cost, easy maintenance, easy to use, loved by people around the world, forming a huge consumer market of bicycle, with the fast development of modern society, the bicycle has not only traffic and transportation, has a set of fitness, travel, competition and other features. Bicycle grade level depends on the choice of materials and workmanship. Typical low, medium and high-end bicycle frame are made of carbon steel, chrome molybdenum alloy and aluminum alloy and carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is a new type of composite material, it has a light weight, high strength, high specific stiffness advantages, but also can design and ease of formability, so that the design of the structure of higher structural efficiency.
Research and development progress
Countries in the world to develop new forms, new materials bike into a huge human, material and financial resources. Bicycle frame is the skeleton, which largely determine the shape and performance of the bicycle. United States, Britain and Taiwan, etc. have been developed to produce carbon fiber bicycle frame.
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